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POKéMON G/S/C Breeding

This is a QuickBasic program you can use to find out who you can breed your POKéMON with.
It only requires DOS, which you can start by running the COMMAND.COM file on any PC.

The program is very simple to use: Just start it up, and type in the number of the POKéMON you want to breed. If you don't know the number, use the POKéDEX in the game to find out.
You will then be shown all the POKéMON that can be bred with the selected POKéMON. You will also have the option to print the results.

NOTE: The POKéMON you enter must be female, unless you'll use Ditto (which can always be used instead of either the female or the male).
The shown POKéMON must be male to breed. If Ditto is used, you will always get the other POKéMON in the egg.

For installation instructions, as well as information on printing, refer to the README.TXT file inside the archive.

Download the program here (57.2KB, ZIP).

Thanks to Jason Strautman for testing this on Windows XP.