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This page contains links to some of my favorite web sites.
A new window will open when clicking on a link.
Links to my favorite POKéMON sites can be found under POKéLINKS.

UHS Hints
This page contains hint files for more than 300 games, old and new.

The creators of 1st Page 2000, the program used to create these webpages.
It's free, and can be started in various modes, depending on your skill level.

One of the fastest and biggest search engines. Gives just as relevant results as Google. Searching generally takes about ¼-½ of a second.

DirectX Buster
New versions of DirectX offer a lot of new possibilities, unfortunately, some games are incompatible with these versions.
Use this program to uninstall DirectX (any version), so that you can install an older version. I've tried it, and it worked for me. I can not guarantee it will work for you, though.

If you're a software developer, you probably know the difficulty in finding a free installer. Here it is, the Nullsoft Scriptable|SuperPiMP Install System, made by the same guys who made Winamp. It's fast, allows automatic CRC checking, etc. Furthermore, it can be used for other things than creating installers.

Lik-sang is an online store based in Hong Kong, and is my choice for import gaming. Perfect place to find that Japanese game you've always wanted. Not to mention that you can save money on many things, such as Memory Cards or even games.

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